July 26, 2023


This summer Pietari Inkinen will conduct Richard Wagner’s Tetralogy at the Bayreuth Festival in Valentin Schwarz’s production.

Das Rheingold (July 26, August 5, and 21) will star Thomas Konieczny as Wotan, Christa Mayer as Fricka, Okka von Der Damerau as Erda, Daniel Kirch as Loge, Olafur Sigurdarson as Alberich. Die Walküre (July 27, August 6, and 22) will star Catherine Foster in the title role, Thomas Konieczny as Wotan, Emily Magee as Sieglinde, Klaus Florian Vogt as Siegmund, Christa Mayer as Fricka and Georg Zeppenfeld as Hunding. Siegfried (July 29, August 8, and 24) stars Andreas Schager in the title role, Arnold Bezuyen as Mime, Daniela Kôhler as Brünnhilde, Thomas Konieczny as Der Wanderer, Okka von Der Damerau as Erda. Götterdämmerung ( July 31, August 10, and 26) stars Catherine Foster as Brünnhilde, Stephen Gould as Siegfried, Michael Kupfer-Radecky as Gunther, Olafur Sigurdarson as Alberich, Dmitry Belosselskiy as Hagen and Emily Magee as Gutrune.

Pietari Inkinen has already conducted Die Walkure at the Bayreuth Festival in 2021. He led the tetralogy at Opera Australia in Melbourne, for which he received the Helpmann Award in 2014 and the Green Room Award for Best Opera Conductor in 2016, and he also conducted Das Rheingold and Walküre in Palermo’s Teatro Massimo.
Photo: [Kaupo Kikkas]