November 20, 2022


On November 20, 2022, Vincenzo Milletarì will make his debut at the Festival Donizetti Opera conducting L’ajo nell’imbarazzo, in a new production by Francesco Micheli. The cast includes Alex Esposito as Gregorio Cordebono, Alessandro Corbelli as Marchese Giulio Antiquati, Francesco Lucii as Marchese Enrico, Marilena Ruta as Gilda Tallemanni, Lorenzo Martelli as Marchese Pippetto, Caterina Dallaere as Leonarda and Lorenzo Liberali as Simone/Bastiano.

L’aio nell’imbarazzo premiered at the Teatro Valle in Rome in 1824 when Donizetti was only 27 years old, was his true first hit reaching within a couple of years cities all over Europe and even South America. Later, it fell into oblivion, until the 1950s. Now, for this Festival Donizetti Opera revival, Vincenzo Milletarì is adopting a new critical edition by Maria Chiara Bertieri.

This event marks the young but established conductor’s first approach to a Donizetti score. There will be two additional performances on November 26 and December 2, 2022.

[Photo by Marco Borrelli]